Nintex Workflow: Checking if a user is a member of a SharePoint group

I posted this a while back on an older blog which is no longer up, this was originally written up for SharePoint 2010 but it does also work on SharePoint 2013. I thought I’d re-post it and update the screenshots as I feel it’s a good reference, even just for myself.

I was asked by a client if it was possible to setup a workflow that behaves differently for users in an Approvers group versus regular site users. While this is possible there isn’t a built in action in Nintex to do this. It was instead necessary to query the SharePoint UserGroup.asmx web service to get this information.
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Uploading Images Directly from a List Input Form in SharePoint 2010

Normally on lists and libraries to add a picture you would use a ‘Hyperlink or Picture’ column. That’s all fine and good if you know the URL for the image. Unfortunately though, this column provides no way to upload or select items already sitting in SharePoint. While searching around for a solution to this problem I found that there were a range of different ways people have achieved this including the creation of new field types and custom aspx upload pages.

I knew that this had to be complicating things, after all you see image upload/selection functionality elsewhere in SharePoint 2010 (Rich Text Editor!).
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