Retrieve Current Date Time in UTC using Nintex Workflow

It seems every time I work with dates it usually ends up being a bit of pain. Lately a lot of my work has been done in JavaScript and libraries like Moment.js have definitely helped to make life easier.

I recently encountered an issue where I was creating an approval history feed against a SharePoint list item. This data was created as JSON and would be read in using JavaScript, formatted and then output to a page. Users would be accessing this from different time zones so it was important that the date was accurately displayed for all users.
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Nintex Forms: Automatically populating the new people picker control

In this post I will be looking at Nintex Forms 2013 and automatically populating the new people picker control with information retrieved from the SharePoint user profile service. The new People Picker control was introduced in the recent update and provides a number of benefits including auto complete on mobile devices and the ability to add the control to repeating sections.
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