Filtering users with the pickSPUser widget in SharePoint Forms

Over the last few months I have been using a jQuery plugin by Paul Tavares called SPWidgets. In particular the pickSPUser and SPControlUpload components have both been quite useful in some SharePoint 2010 forms that I have been developing.

This widget works in a similar way to standard SharePoint people picker control, in that it can sometimes return unwanted suggestions. In my case, we had people from a couple of different domains showing up which weren’t applicable in the context of the form. The pickSPUser component provides a helpful option that enables you to specify a function to filter the results returned.
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Creating a Drop-Down list of Sub-sites in SharePoint 2013 using JavaScript

I created a web part a little while back as a farm solution that would display a drop-down listing of sub-sites that could then be used for quickly navigating to these areas. More recently I decided to revisit the solution and use it as an excuse to brush up on my JavaScript. Be warned, this most definitely isn’t the best code ever and for me it was mostly just a learning exercise.
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SharePoint: Hiding Destination Library option when uploading assets

SharePoint 2013 provides users with the ability to upload photos directly from pages that they are editing. This is a nice piece of functionality that avoids the user from first having to upload these photos manually.

But what if you want to have finer control over this? From what I’ve found, there is no way to confine images to reside in one library while other file types default to another library. Sometimes this additional choice just confuses users and then you end up with images spread out unnecessarily across multiple libraries.

In this post I will run through a brief example of creating a sandbox solution that works around this issue using jQuery.
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