Opening Office Templates (.dotx) from a SharePoint Document Library

So I ran across this problem while doing some work for a client where they had added a bunch of Word templates to a document library. The issue was that users would click on these documents and Word would open them fine but then to edit them it would prompt them to check the documents out. This created confusion since the users didn’t actually have any permissions to write to the source library.
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Folders vs metadata in SharePoint

There’s been plenty of debate over the years about whether metadata (columns) or folders are better for organising files in SharePoint libraries. And to be honest, I’m still not 100% convinced either way.

With my information architecture hat on, it seems obvious that metadata should be the way to go. Enhancing a library with extra fields, for categorising and grouping files, allows for a lot more flexibility in display and search. But I can understand why some people are still so wedded to their beloved folders. Here I explore my experiences and observations in working with SharePoint libraries.
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