Retrieve data from SharePoint list via PnP JS and CAML Query

In this article I will be showing you how to retrieve list view items using PnP JS and CAML Query. For those who aren’t familiar with PnP JS, Don’t panic! The Patterns and Practices JavaScript Core Library (aka PnP JS) was created to simplify API calls in SharePoint environments. Using PnP JS Core Libraries, we can avoid all the standard boilerplate code and focus on our application logic.
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SharePoint Framework Custom Property Pane Fields

The SharePoint Framework has a few components that can be used as Property Pane Fields. The following components come out-of-the-box with the SP Framework as of version 1.3.4 – Button, Checkbox,Choice group, Dropdown, Horizontal rule, Label, Link, Slider, Textbox, Multi-line Textbox, Toggle, Custom.

In this article we’ll see how to create custom property pane fields in SharePoint Framework apps using JQuery UI.
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Filtering users with the pickSPUser widget in SharePoint Forms

Over the last few months I have been using a jQuery plugin by Paul Tavares called SPWidgets. In particular the pickSPUser and SPControlUpload components have both been quite useful in some SharePoint 2010 forms that I have been developing.

This widget works in a similar way to standard SharePoint people picker control, in that it can sometimes return unwanted suggestions. In my case, we had people from a couple of different domains showing up which weren’t applicable in the context of the form. The pickSPUser component provides a helpful option that enables you to specify a function to filter the results returned.
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Retrieve Current Date Time in UTC using Nintex Workflow

It seems every time I work with dates it usually ends up being a bit of pain. Lately a lot of my work has been done in JavaScript and libraries like Moment.js have definitely helped to make life easier.

I recently encountered an issue where I was creating an approval history feed against a SharePoint list item. This data was created as JSON and would be read in using JavaScript, formatted and then output to a page. Users would be accessing this from different time zones so it was important that the date was accurately displayed for all users.
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Nintex Workflow: Checking if a user is a member of a SharePoint group

I posted this a while back on an older blog which is no longer up, this was originally written up for SharePoint 2010 but it does also work on SharePoint 2013. I thought I’d re-post it and update the screenshots as I feel it’s a good reference, even just for myself.

I was asked by a client if it was possible to setup a workflow that behaves differently for users in an Approvers group versus regular site users. While this is possible there isn’t a built in action in Nintex to do this. It was instead necessary to query the SharePoint UserGroup.asmx web service to get this information.
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Create a weather feed using Nintex Workflow

In this post I will be running through process of creating a customisable weather feed using Nintex Workflow and the Content Query Web Part (CQWP). I’ve seen quite a few weather web parts out there but for the most part I have found them to look quite dated. Nintex Workflow introduces a Live Catalog of actions that can be installed and provide the ability to interact with various services on the web. One of these actions just so happens to provide the ability of grabbing data from Weather Underground, in this example we will populate a SharePoint list with this information that will then be rolled up.
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